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Hotel accommodations are based on single occupancy ( not twin share ) to insure maximum privacy, each hotel is of tourist class and located in the nicer part Pattaya and each room is equipped with air conditioner, cable TV, mini bar refrigerator and full size bed for your comfort. We will personally guide you throughout your stay in Thailand, assisting you so that you get the maximum enjoyment from your holiday and also sharing tips to save you money.



If you have ever traveled alone on a holiday, you know how much time and money you can waste just following bum leads, before you find what you want. Sometimes, by the time you do, it is time to leave.

Asian languages are difficult to learn. You cannot just pick up a book, learn a few phrases and be understood. The culture is so different, and the options so vast. In fact, in Pattaya, if you went to a different establishment every night, including night clubs, beer gardens, outdoor bars, dancing bars, it would probably take you over three years. We steer you to the best, and away from the worst. We make sure you avoid rip-offs (like being charged $20 for a beer), and explain first hand, how everything works and costs.

Perhaps you could save few hundred by going alone, but we honestly believe that it would cost you more because with us you avoid pitfalls and tourist rip-offs, like being over charged by cabs and hotels. You avoid hassles like poorly located hotels, or those that suddenly charge for overnight guests. And we always locate you within reach of the best night life, banks and shopping.


With Asian Experience, you can relax and concentrate on your own enjoyment. You will be given detailed instructions, and met when you arrive by a capable guide, who can take care of any problems which arise. We will make sure you are ready for every step you take. No wasting time finding what you came for. No wasting days learning the ropes. We know where the places with the lowest prices, and safest environments are. We give you all the help you need, but only as much as you want. You benefit from our years of experience from the very first day.

So we invite you to travel with us for the most memorable vacation you will ever experience!! All the planning will be taken care of for you so please bring your positive mental attitudes and we will provide the laughter and the smiles! What could be better than a truly hassle free vacation.


For those of you who are sincere and really do want to experience the pleasures that Asia has to offer, please don’t make the same mistake as some who wanted to join us in Thailand but waited too long, only to be disappointed when their holiday dates and ours did not match. So go to the Email page and email us today. We at Asian Experience look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.asianexp_banner_6_b


For those of you that may have any apprehensions about travelling to asia. Please do feel confident about making Thailand your holiday destination. The Thai people want you to come to Thailand as much as you want to go there! We are sure that you will be safer in Thailand than any other holiday destination, so please do come with us and enjoy all that Thailand has to offer!